BNTDETechnical parameter

Total supply: 500 million

Block production time: 4 minutes

Replay attack: two-way protection

1T Mortgage: 500 coins

Mortgage period: 180 days

Attenuation ratio: 2%

Number of blocks produced per day: around 360

A total of 35 mining pools, each mining pool mortgaged 500,000 coins to start

BNTDE Consensus mechanism

BNTDE uses a new and original POSC (ProofofStake & Capacity) consensus mechanism. POSC combines the advantages of multiple consensus mechanisms and avoids the disadvantages of other consensus mechanisms. It not only solves the problem of wasting energy, slow transaction speed, and ASIC oligopoly for POW , but also can solve the problem of too high degree of centralization brought by POS.

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Development plan

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Last update at: 2020-1-6
Version number: v1.1.1

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BNTDE Windows

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